Monday, August 23, 2010

Fun Idea For Kids Birthday Cake

Birthday cakes play the most important role in a kid’s birthday party. The child just waits for the moment to cut the birthday cake with an immense pleasure in his mind. There can be so many gifts for the child, but the center of attraction is the birthday cake. So there should be a lot of concern on the type of cake and decorating ideas for the birthday cake. It is worth putting a lot of time and money in planning the birthday cake.

The flavor of the cake should be selected in choice with the kid's birthday. If the child is fond of chocolate it should be of chocolate flavor. The flavor may vary from Strawberry, peanuts, fruit depending on the child’s likings. Care should also be taken on the size, shape and color of the birthday cake. The size should be selected, keeping in mind on the no. of invitees to the party. Depending on it the cake can be made large or small. Even one can go for one or two sets set above each other which may be decorated in a specific theme. An ideal way of decorating a birthday cake is to add cartoon characters to it, preferably the cartoon character that the child and his friends are frond of. The color again should be set according to the child's favorite color which will bring an extra smile on the child's face.

If the birthday cake has a theme or idea the attraction for it, is immense. Here are few suggestions. There are Pirates and Princesses, a classic birthday cake themes for boys and girls. They can be Cinderella Castle Cake, ice Cream Castle Cake, Pirate Cake, Pirate Ship Cake, Princess Cake, Splendid Castle Cake, and Treasure Chest Cake. If the child is a sports loving kid, the cake should be of sports theme. Various sports themed cakes like Bowling Ball Cake, Bowling Lane Cake, Football Cake, and Skateboard Cake can be selected depending on the choice of sports. Adventure loving kids can have a Spiderman, Batman or Superman themed cakes where 3D models of super heroes are put as toppings on the cake with a lot of other characters signifying a part of a story. Besides there are train and air-plane cakes for the wings-and-wheel loving kids.

Once the birthday cake is made or purchased it should be decorated well. The decoration is generally done on the top and the sides of the cake. Besides the cake, the table on which the cake is placed should also be decorated. And yes, don't forget the candles. There are a wide variety of candles that are available in splendid designs to suit the mood of every birthday. Source : articlesbase