Monday, August 23, 2010

How To Choose Birthday Cakes?

Do you want to know how I make choosing birthday cake pans easy? If you are new to baking, then perhaps choosing the right shape of cake pan is something you've been struggling with. In this article, I'm going to show you a simple technique that I use to always choose the right one.

Before I tell you how I choose birthday cake pans, picture this: your child is having a birthday party. They invited all of their friends. The decorations are up, but they're just basic birthday decorations. Everyone is having fun because it's a party. It's time to bring in the birthday cake. 

You’ve chosen a boring square birthday cake pan so you come in with a square cake. Your kid loves it because, after all, it's sweet and kids love sweets. But it's lackluster. There are no "oohs" nor any "ahhs." It's a basic square cake that says, "Happy birthday!"

Ho hum. Sure everyone had fun, but no one remembers the party decorations because they were ordinary. Least of all, no one remembers the cake because you chose that square birthday cake pan.

This applies to round birthday cake pans as well. They have no character no matter how you decorate the finished product.  

Now imagine this scenario. You know your child loves soccer. The whole party is decorated in a soccer theme. There are makeshift goals, balloons shaped like soccer balls, and cardboard soccer jerseys all around.

When it's time to bring out the birthday cake, you show up with a soccer ball shaped birthday cake. 

Everyone's eyes light up, especially your kid's. 

Everyone remembers that birthday party, and all of the soccer decorations. They especially remember biting into a soccer ball shaped cake.

Which birthday party would you rather throw? 

My guess is the second one, so my tip for choosing a birthday cake pan is to first think of a theme for the party.

Here’s what you have to do to be able to choose the perfect birthday cake pan shape. You must first think of the theme, which doesn’t just have to be about soccer. It can be based off of any games or sports that your child enjoys playing, or cartoons, movie characters, or children's shows that they like to watch. You can even base your theme off of your child's favorite book, like Harry Potter for example.

Once you choose a theme, then it's easy to choose birthday cake pans. That's my number one secret for always baking the perfect birthday cake in the shape that gets the "oohs" and "ahhs" and that everyone remembers. Always start out with a theme, and the birthday cake pan’s shape will easily follow. source : articlesbase